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    Discover the array of modern viewing and purchasing options that CORTEX provides to empower the guests, all of which meet and exceed their expectations in today's "mobile-first" culture.

    self-service photo kiosks

    The enticing Self Service Kiosk provides the guests the ability to browse, search, organize, edit and place orders through our sleek Graphic User Interface.

    kiosk functionality

    10-Point multi-touch allow the guests to interact with the system as they would their own smart mobile device.

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      Video Welcome Screen

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      Edits, effects & templates

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      Green screen interaction

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      24hr Viewing & ordering

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      Interactive Smart Tables

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      Animated backgrounds

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      Global synchronization

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      Watermark protected

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      Up-Sell promotions

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      Photo Book Tool

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      USB & Digital Delivery

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      Mobile tablet sales

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      Simple and fun user-friendly graphic user interface that makes viewing and ordering intuitive, engaging and efficient

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      Guests can efficiently organize selected images as favorites, maybes or discards for faster ordering

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      Animated backgrounds and multimedia Welcome Screens generate added interest and effectiveness

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      Select retail product views can have the photo rendered onto the illustrated product to create interest & sales

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      On screen ads promote packages, products and cross-promo sales during the checkout phase

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      Consoles limited to secure access provide enhanced service, search, promotional and order tracking abilities

    easy access

    A swipe of the cabin card or entering the cabin/reservation details allows direct viewing of all the tagged images automatically. Edits, categorization & order data are stored on the database for global access.

    flexible configuration

    The dynamic scalable system allows for mounting of the kiosks in a wide variety of ship-wide variants, from wall-mounted to counters and engaging Touch Screen tables.

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    pos connectivity

    All sales transactions are fully integrated with the ships onboard point-of-sale and guest manifest network, thus eliminating the need for secondary tasks to “ring-up” orders using separate point-of-sale terminals. A comprehensive reporting module is built in. All charges are automatically reflected on the guest’s cabin bill. Alternatives to this method are available.

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    reporting module

    An extensive suite of standard and custom financial reports can be generated through our Reporting Module. This flexible and secure tool provides management and staff a web-based transaction and analysis utility accessible to designated individuals from anywhere on the system network or corporate VPN.

    kiosk interface

    The Cruise Line specific GUI is branded to reflect your cruise identity, with an array of customization options to differentiate the guest experience.

    Click on the dots below to explore just some of the many features

    video demo

    self-service guest kiosk

    An interactive, multi-touch, on-screen guest ordering interface.

    lab management system

    Central system utility for performing all of the system’s administrative and background tasks.

    staff management kiosk

    Provides staff with advanced functions for the photo sales area.

    Would you like to learn more?

    Contact us here to request access to view the Video Demos of the Kiosk Interface and Management System

    interactive mobile device app

    In today’s world of mobile devices and wifi connectivity, and where smartphones and tablets are integral to daily lives, we are able to provide a mobile onboard service for guests to browse, edit and order our images on their own mobile devices at their leisure.

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    Photogra Mobile Device App mockup hand
    Photogra Mobile Device App mockup MOBILE
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    The App provides much of the same previewing, organizing and ordering capabilities of the Kiosks

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    The HTML5 platform allows guests easy access & onboard download of the app without internet

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    Global Changes

    Changes made on the device are recognized on all kiosks & throughout the entire photo operation

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    Push notifications can be sent to guests to alert to new images, reprint readiness and promotions

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    Guest's Images

    Guest’s own mobile device images could be securely uploaded & migrated into our system

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    Up-sell opportunities may be built into the system to generate increased revenue potential

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    Social Media

    Social Media uploads enable guests to share their vacation in real-time with family and friends

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    Emojis & Text

    Spice up images by customizing them with emojis, fun graphic elements and add text on-the-fly

    drag-&-drop photo book module

    The simple Drag-&-Drop Photo Book Kiosk module allows for guests to hand-make their own cruise-specific keepsake.

    Photo Book Kiosk Mockup background
    Photo Book Kiosk Mockup MOBILE

    Simply drag-&-drop images from the guest's own collections

    Seamlessly integrated into the ship-wide photo system

    Cruise/itinerary specific templates make added customization easy

    Stock Images are available to further embellish the design

    Designed to be printed onboard, or delivered at home

    We can allow guests to add their own personal images

    Animated page-turn effects add to the intuitive user interface

    Save options allow guests to add to the design throughout the cruise

    online sales & social website

    Online Sales not only adds incremental sales, but importantly extends the guest's memories long after the cruise. Where traditional services would no longer provide means for the guests to access those precious moments, we have solutions.

    Photo Frame Wall Decor 1
    Photo Frame Wall Decor 2
    Photo Frame Wall Decor 3
    Photo Frame Wall Decor 4
    Photo Frame Wall Decor 5
    Photo Frame Wall Decor 6
    Storefront Webpage example 1
    Storefront Webpage example 2
    Storefront Webpage example 3
    Storefront webpage MOBILE
    Storefront Wbpage stage background

    Fulfillment services are brought to you by our professional print facility in Atlanta, GA.

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    Worldwide affiliation with Pro Print Labs provide international logistic solutions.

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    Wall Decor

    Giant prints & decals
    Clustered frame art
    Modern framed prints
    Standout mounts

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    Prints up to 48x96”
    Panoramic Prints
    Greeting/Post Cards
    Fine Art Prints

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    Border Wraps
    Canvas Boxes
    Cluster Arrangements
    Triptych Wraps

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    Photo Books

    Hard & Soft cover
    Custom designs
    Guest uploads
    Presentation Boxes

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    Popular souvenirs
    Speciality options
    Branded items
    Ever-evolving range

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    Digital Delivery
    Social Media uploads
    Modern Metal prints
    Custom wall paper

    extended memories

    Our in-house hosted and cruise-branded ecommerce website can advance your customer interaction beyond their stay. With cruise-line branded packaging, live-reporting tool and post-cruise email blasts, we can add to your incremental sales.

    easy access

    Guests simply logon to the website using their cruise private access credentials and all of their cruise photos are sorted and consolidated online, ready for previewing and ordering from a wide selection of indulgent products and digital media.

    meeting expectations

    From pre & post-cruise services, to digital delivery through to social media connectivity, delivering a convenient, welcomed and effective Online Store is essential to meet your customer’s expectations in today’s “on- demand” digital age.

    unique home-delivered products

    We can expand your onboard product range dramatically by offering speciality products ordered onboard that are conveniently delivered to guests once they return home, saving them the hassle and on those excessive baggage charges!

    Photogra Fulfillment Software background
    Photogra Fulfillment Software monitor
    Photogra Fulfillment Software Gif video
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    We provide a range of hundreds of trendy and familiar products that are not usually available for production, delivery or even convenient to the guests during their vacation.

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    A Customization Utility is used to produce the item to the exact specifications of the guests, with precise order data and parameters sent automatically to our fulfillment facility. (demo beside)

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    Products highlighted in the Online Sales section outline the usual offerings, however we are always adding to our range and also facilitate exclusive cruise line merchandise.

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    From custom wall paper and modern decor, to canvas and clustered frames, we provide a scope of items to appeal the taste of a wide and international demographic.

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    Products highlighted in the Online Sales section outline the usual offerings, however we are always adding to our range and also facilitate exclusive cruise line merchandise.

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    From custom wall paper and modern decor, to canvas and clustered frames, we provide a scope of items to appeal the taste of a wide and international demographic.

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