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special event"SEA APP"viewing tool

    Explore how the CORTEX system, backed by our diverse history in almost every sector of the tourism and souvenir imaging industry equips us with dynamic tools to address the full scope of capture, production and sales environments.

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    Capture Order Review Tagging EXperience

    image tagging solutions

    We employ an array of effective Image Tagging solution to associate each image with a guest or cabin. Our well-tested systems address a variety of different shooting environments with high accuracy, that ultimately give your guests the best customer satisfaction and the cruise line a more succinct solution.

    tagging methods

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    NFC | RFID

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    The in-house developed proprietary software allows for a wide array of input devices to be able to tag images in various fashions.

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    Our systems range from tablet PCs to laptops, desktops and portable hand-held devices to address all shooting environments.

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    Depending on the platform, we can tag images via card swipe, data entry, barcode, OCR, biometrics and advanced facial recognition.

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    In addition to wireless image transfers, we transmit data, settings and productivity info for proper event and photographer management.

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    Depending on the platform, we can tag images via card swipe, data entry, barcode, OCR, biometrics and advanced facial recognition.

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    In addition to wireless image transfers, we transmit data, settings and productivity info for proper event and photographer management.

    android tagging device

    Our versatile, portable and rugged Android Tagging Solution is designed to tackle the core image capture, tagging, event association and wireless image transfer management.

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    Wearable or camera mounted

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    Wireless data & image transfer

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    Image-caching for non-wireless sites

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    Settings wirelessly pulled from server

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    Reporting, productivity & analytic tools

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    Wide scope of ancillary input device options

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    Reporting, productivity & analytic tools

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    Wide scope of ancillary input device options

    facial recognition tagging

    Adding the versatility of the CORTEX advanced Facial Recognition capabilities will supercharge your services. With tens of millions of images processed to date, this hybrid tagging solution is proven to enhance your customer satisfaction.

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    Got questions?

    Click on the below and let's see if we can help!

    How is Facial Recognition best implemented?

    With the introduction of the Facial Recognition module, we provide advanced backend image processing to accelerate the guest image retrieval operation, while adding convenience.

    This well-tested system has processed tens of millions of images with a very high level of accuracy.

    Our hybrid, multi-modal approach also employs other more traditional tagging methods that are used alongside facial recognition to further reinforce and enhance the superior CORTEX tagging capabilities.

    How are the images tagged & processed?

    The optimal workflow is to take the image and then have the server process the images during importing. This is the quickest, most reliant and certainly increases accuracy.

    Once images are on the server, the image is first analyzed for face detection, then further refined to extract facial parameters, and then finally, each person in the image is processed through the advanced facial recognition algorithms.

    Each detected facial contour pattern is then either:

    1. enrolled as a new “subject” with a new subject ID, which is then available to verified against in the future, or
    2. automatically compared and corroborated against the evolving cruise-specific database of facial contour architecture.

    Once images are processed, a guest simply logs onto the sales system via the kiosk or mobile app and all images are automatically presented to them.

    What type of images can or cannot be recognized?

    A wide array of regular cruise images will be recognized. On estimate, 85%+ of all regular vacation images are able to be processed.

    In addition, the system is able to distinguish and process difficult situations, such as:
    • Large groups of people
    • Crowded environments
    • Varied lighting conditions
    • Partially obstructed features

    The more images that are taken and tagged, the more accurate the results will become, however even a single processed image will return accurate results.

    Lab Technicians can also manually process “orphaned” (un-recognized) images for second-level verification against an automatically generated declared set of images and subjects, which are returned when satisfying a confidence threshold for accuracy.

    Whereas the system is extremely successful under normal parameters, we are working toward implementing 3D extrapolation and other cutting-edge processing methods to further enhance our system.

    How secure is the system in this modern age?

    To address the present-day concerns of hacking and privacy, the processes and facial patterns are 100% secured on the encrypted database.

    Guest representations, patterns and resulting data are not accessible to anyone, with a full data purge carried out after cruise end.

    Each image that is processed is queried with an anonymous subject ID. All resulting correlated data between the image, ID and subject person then resides explicitly within the confines and purview of the cruise line’s guest manifest system architecture.

    Would you like to learn more?

    Contact us here for more detailed information on how this advanced system can greatly enhance your photo operations

    lab management system

    The CORTEX central system utility for performing all of the administrative and background tasks is internally called the “Lab Management System” or “LMS”, which provides the comprehensive backbone to all systems and peripherals.



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    Rapid image editing workflow
    Photo search & management tool
    Assigned pre-defined templates
    Template editor utility
    Green screen production
    Photographer tracking
    Event structure presets
    Export and USB utility
    Pull/push device data & settings
    Facial Recognition Management



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    Manage and track print jobs
    Guest reprint push notifications
    Package creation & management
    Pricing & discount control center
    Photobook print queue tool
    Wedding Module integration
    Job organization mechanism
    Reprint tracking & consolidation
    Retail & logistics tracking
    Printer management



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    Print engine management
    Database server backbone
    Image file download control
    Batch printing & correlation
    Barcode image tracking overlays
    Print-all and print-&-box workflow
    Comprehensive reporting module
    Wireless download manager
    Mobile Device App administration
    Image Tagging correlation tool

    advanced studios & portraiture

    At the forefront of our capture systems is our benchmark studio and event solution that integrates a suite of flexible components that augments and expands any studio or shooting situation

    My Image
    My Image
    My Image
    My Image
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    Intuitive and user-friendly

    Touch screen GUI

    Minor footprint

    Tablet PC solutions


    Wireless camera connectivity

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    Tackles fast or slow throughput

    Networked or stand-alone

    Mobile sales abilities

    On-the-fly photo editing

    Tagging integration

    Templates & Greenscreen

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    Realtime Preview monitors

    On-screen animated ads

    Integrated POS

    Print-on-demand, or

    Rapid fire Auto-Print

    Live composited video feed

    This solution can operate as a stand-alone platform or be fully integrated into the CORTEX system. It can be easily configured in a wide variety of ways that either simply strengthens your image capture abilities or even add on-the-spot sales.

    greenscreen studio systems

    The uniquely versatile photo and video properties made possible by chroma-key Greenscreen technology allow for endless possibilities to provide a distinct experience and product that is always fun, engaging and novel for the guests.

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    Our highly-recognized “dropoutGS” software is also widely used at amusement parks, landmarks, arenas, museums and attractions across the globe. This powerful and highly adaptive platform uses advanced keying algorithms to tackle the most challenging shots in both rapid fire and relaxed shooting environments.

    Before After
    Before After
    Before After
    Before After
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    User Interface

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    Customer Preview

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    Settings: Capture

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    Settings: Interface

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    Settings: Products

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    Template Editor

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    Check Out The Features Here

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    Green screen photography
    Normal photographic shoots
    ”Driverless" camera tethering
    Hot Folder mode
    Nikon and Canon camera support
    Eye-fi & wireless card connectivity
    Barcode scanning
    Barcoded photo ID printing
    Alternate “Tagging” abilities
    Touch screen ready

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    Color correction tools
    Auto-correct & enhance
    Restore green clothing tool
    Sepia & grayscale
    Photo orientation detection
    Organize with template categories
    Unlimited templates
    Add custom text on-the-fly
    Quick import & export of products
    Quick import & export of templates

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    Advanced chroma key Algorithms
    Template creation tool
    Batch processing
    Multiple images per print
    Create unlimited products
    Password protected (admin & user)
    Accurate 3D composition
    Customizable paper sizes
    Printer cycling
    Optical Character Recognition

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    Point-of-Sale system
    Sales reporting
    Direct to USB drive
    Auto-add extra content to USB
    3D Lenticular flip
    Email photos
    Accept credit cards
    Multiple photos per customer ID
    Customer preview monitor
    Preview monitor banner ads

    … and there's certainly much more!

    wedding & special event module

    Our wedding and Special Event Android App, known as the "SEA app" provides an intimate way to evaluate and categorize memories from that special event.


    A convenient tool is provided to enhance the customer experience for those guests celebrating a special occasion.

    SEA app

    This in-house developed Android app allows your most valued guests to browse, sort and order images in a relaxed and private atmosphere.


    The fully customizable interface is mirrored onto large screen monitors or projectors to improve the viewing experience.

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